Current Resident Artist

We are honored to debut “The Aspen Collection” by Lindsey Meyer Art as our first resident artist series.

Lindsey Meyer is a Dallas-based artist who believes in "the importance of home." Lindsey affirms that, "A house is a bunch of walls, but a home is how we fill it - with people and memories, love and beauty." Join us to as we welcome Lindsey and her latest art collection, "The Aspen Series!" now available for viewing at our Alamo Heights destination for home furnishing.

Learn more about Lindsey here.

  • "Like a Dream" (above) & "Through the Trees" (below)

    33" x 33"

    30" x 40"

  • "Branches"

    35" x 45"

  • "Blue Trees"

    48" x 48"

  • "Deep Ravine"

    48" x 60"

  • "Birch"

    35" x 45"

  • "Cowboy"

    32" x 48"

  • "Brooks"

    28" x 38"